If you’re not accustomed to your power, it may scare or intimidate you at first. But rest assured that with your beautifully positive and prayer-filled focus, you are channeling pure Divine power, which can only be used for God’s will of love.

They show me a vision that you’ll need to be assertive today in protecting how your valuable time is used. It would be so easy to react to others’ needs, instead of taking care of your priorities.


Today is about keeping your heart open to love (after all, that IS your primary life purpose), and that includes loving yourself enough to take care of yourself.

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The ego fears that if you say No to someone, terrible results will occur. In truth, saying yes out of guilt is very toxic to everyone involved. Sometimes, being assertive involves developing a new way of relating to someone. If that person is accustomed to you doing everything for them, now they’ll have the opportunity to grow stronger themselves.

Spend time today on your priorities, and remember that it’s YOUR time, your life, and your life purpose. In the end, your investment of time today will yield benefits for many people, including your loved ones.

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