THE FULL MOON is a time of releasing old negative patterns.

Extra note **To all people who have CRYSTALS, tumblestones, pendulums, wands. money frogs. ..be sure to put them outside under the Full Moon tonight.

Find a spot in the dirt or grass or in a flower pot on the patio as long as the moon at some point tonight can shine on them.

The reason we do this is to clean them and clear them from negative energies they may have picked up over time.You will see in the morning how they shine! It’s quite incredible really. **

I will explain the way that I am going to do this tonight and I suggest that ANYONE do this too if they so like. Get a piece of paper and begin to write down the things you want to release from your life.

Some of the things I wrote are like this…

I want to release all negative energy around me.

I want to release any financial blocks that are preventing me from making money.

I want to release anything that is blocking my creative insight for writing.

I want to release my temper at work or at home.

I want to release the negative energy between myself and so and so.

I want to release all cancer and sickness inside of my body.

I want to release whatever is blocking me from losing weight.

I want to release any negative thoughts that I may have.

I want to release depression.

I want to release being alone.

I want to release any negativity in my relationships with family or friends .

I want to release financial worry.

There are so many more releases that you can write down.

Take your time and think about which are most important to you.

Fill up both sides of your paper if you like or just write down a few things You can release addictions and any negative patterns, the list goes on.

It is your personal release list so make it clear what you want to be rid of.

Tonight we will get rid of the things we don’t want.

Each moon has a different phase and we do things differently each moon .

Tonight the Full Moon is about RELEASING.

So after you have written your releases I want you to go outside and either bring a big pot or use your BBQ or whatever.. and what I want you to do is burn that paper UNDER the FULL MOON.

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