This angel comes to remind you that somewhere in rapid everyday life and headlong rush tirelessly on paths in life, maybe you forgot to listen to the voice
of your heart.

Maybe, immersed in daily rounds, bills, Work arrangements and phone calls, you have no time to stop and think what is it that really makes sense for you,

what is that that is really in tune with

your inner ego, what are the things that make your heart beat joyfully.

In Western culture it is accepted one to be guided by reason and to think logically, calculating, exactly.

But the heart, the soul of the man has its own logic and its neglecting does not lead to satisfaction in the long run, so you have to learn to pay attention to it.

If you are in harmony within you, you will radiate it to others as well and you will be in harmony with the world and people around you.

And when so many roads are shown to you that you do not know which one to choose, do not rush at a venture to anyone but sit and wait.

Take a deep and confident breath as in the first day in which you come into the world.
Without distraction for nothing, wait, wait, keep waiting.

Be still in silence and listen to your heart. When it speaks to you, get up and go to the place, which it is calling.

Nancy Fortier Psychic Medium

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