Hey curious people today is the first post of the halloween so welcome  i hope you like it , you can start to feel cold you can see leaves in the ground we start to feel that time of the year when people dress costumes to make pranks and use the word “trick-or-treat”you can use costumes nobody cares you can use whatever you want you can have fun as you want yes I’m talking about

Halloween Halloween is coming and with halloween, the jack-o’-lanterns start to appear but nowadays we are very used to these festive orange pumpkins but the jack-o’-lantern has not always been like this in fact the first jack-o’-lanterns were made from turnips they were actually very scary and his proposed was to ward off unwanted visitors, in fact,

this happened because gourds were one of the earliest plant species domesticated by humans around 10,000 years ago mostly cultivated for the carving potential for kitchen tools, dishes, musical instruments, toys,

furniture and more Mauris begin carving them for lanterns 700 years ago  he ancient Halloween has a lot of superstitions nowadays we have superstitions but not like in the old days, in fact, a lot of these superstitions were about love okay.

I will give you an example Scottish girls believed they could see images of their future husband if they hung wet sheets in front of the fire on Halloween.

Some girls believed they would see their boyfriends faces if they looked into mirrors while walking down stairs at midnight on Halloween The OWL is a popular halloween image in medieval Europe owls were tought to be witches and to hear and owls call meant someone was about to die but not all the superstitions about owls are bad, in fact,

in Englandis believed that if you cook a owl egg until they were a shit could be used as a potion to improve eyesight, these stories and superstitions about owls were created when people were with fear about witches because they are not scary at allI mean look at this cute thing!

Samhainophobia is the fear of the halloween or the fear of the festival of death, in the majority of the time this  happens with children, this happens because some children are afraid of spiders and spiders are very usual in halloween’s decorations.

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