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In order to download each of the applications or files, you just have to click or tap on the text that says DOWNLOAD or INSTALL and it will take you directly to the download.

Watching television on mobile is now easier than ever thanks to the wide range of applications that exist. One of them is 24/7 TV, from which we can access a large number of television channels for free.

Free and Latin American television channels
This is an application thanks to which we can enjoy a wide range of channels of all kinds that are arranged according to the type of content (cinema, documentaries, sports, cartoons, adults …). This focuses mainly on Latin American television that broadcasts in Spanish but you can also find others such as HBO or Fox.

Password for Adult Content: 1818

Compared to other applications for watching television on mobile phones, here we find two main advantages. The first of them is that the user can choose the external player with which he wants to work, so he can send the signal to apps like MX Player or VLC Media Player. The second, and not less, is that the channels can be seen on televisions through systems such as Chromecast or Roku.

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